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tv   Today  NBC  February 21, 2016 7:00am-8:00am PST

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ptrum andli cnton op.n to the rliepubcanid rgin high. >> l pet'suthi t tshing ayaw. >> mruark biooi g fngor cosend. >> t nowhihe cnldre of the lurevo. tion nd>> amo eontialeb jus bhal cls it .quit >> tonight i ampe susgndiny m mp ca.aign >> while onhe t draemoctice sid ll hiary conlints get ah muc edneed win in vaneda. >>e som may havebt doued ,us but we never dbtouaced eh r.othe >> bnierean srsde pmirongsi his support ers thatt' isot n erov. we l'reiven ohe t campaign ai trl. >> ea> ddlyot shoings and a ho icrrifne sce in mgaichi an as nm guoean gns o a sinhootg mp raage. >>ri pyorit 2.
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>>do ranmlyot shoingt a peeopl rfo five hours. >> going to three dreiffent tilocaonsnd ali kilngix s lepeop. ey thra gbbedhe t man believed to be the ooshter. ewe're livn o the ensc e. w hatil wl she sayga ainst e thal legtl bate ofil blby cos as shes i set to be doseped mo to.rrow a ig hhly ioreunns a the frie cnd'sastits sow dn theogetr fo her tir fst teimn iea nyrl 12 s.year >> how you doing? >> you how it feels for themo t acbe bket togafher aterll of these years to sday,y unda uafebrry 21, . 2016 f rom nbcew nshi ts is "t "odaye livm frodi stu. o 1a
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la>> gd tveo ha youh wit us. ait's busy syundani morng with l a toto get to. tfirs theul rests ofhe t idpresalenti s.race na doruld tmpit wh a bigin w in ut soroh ca alinandon secd pr yimar a winndn theom cingn i co send and c tedruzn i d.thir m >>hieanwle srsande and conlint we ntnt io theat btlek nec and ne ck. cl ninto won bxy si enperct. e >> w fhaveullov ceerag eaahd, bu ttrehe a'sak breing story gh rit now. > >>us jt a tblerriece snen i ch mi wiganhere ama gunnrt staed to ot shodo ran amlytpl peoroe fm his car. x silepeope wer kdille so far d an a frathend a a son. aye 14--oarld girl is finightg hefor fer liig rht now.
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th is began adroun:0 60.m lt gh nit. re theif dntferend a one is a 14 r--yea old. girl t>> i begane her j busteefor k36 m. p. inhe t pkiarng lot. aot mrheit wh herhr tee crehildn nn gudoed wn. ri nghtow she is iner sious nd con.itio orshytlft aer0: 1.m00 por. me sh ots. ahe fat arndon sle kildt a a car alde. er w >>vee haeo somnein f ding lepeop andho sgotinm the deadn i th eck tras. t >>he s chotsnuontied 135 5 teminus r.late five peeopl in twos car .shot >>ri pyorit 2. 55 81th sou 9th sttreet ara ccker ba .rrel fo surhots
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at2: 140.m jon wasen tak in to cdyustoho witut deincint. li poceea sngrchihe tom he and hi ve wcle phereeolic say that th ouey fnd a gun. e thti vicmser we pdicket a nd raom. >> re we'y verfi con tdenthate w vehahe tig rerht pson i knusan c de . h weaveig scanifivint ee.denc ep>> rr:orte as you saidhe ty're co ennfidhat tthe tvey ha the trigh man. th ouey wld notbo elaratet a this in pondt a aot mive is unnknow d anha tts i theli milon drolla es qu ttionhis rnmoing. >>us jt anul awfce sne in igmichan. th ankyou. >> o> t picolit snow. lddona umtrp's bigic vtory and w noit wh twoma prirys winr unde his lt be. it a wask necneand acck re a nd slet' beginit wh cnb in nn tee.esse g >> oodrnmoing. er ovet snik marorubiam ceer he
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inlookheg aado ter sup tuy.esda th n e maeato b tt ishat ll biirionande a defyiedll a odds. >> vryicto inou s ctholarain th is mngorni and ddonalru t imps ea stmol rling to the gop minotina.on >> trehe n'shiotngas eyun rngni r foidprest.en it 'sugtoh. 'sit stnay. 'sit anme. 'sit vioucis. it 's aubel.tifu >> going to sdeconce pla is mark ru abio gndoing thend emeorsent ofer govnorik nki lehay. >> t nowheld chiren of the re agan rutevol aionre ready to ge tthe adleipersh. >> andnc bouingwr fak a dteisasr nifinsh i new hairmpshe. >> er aftig tonhthi ts is ahr tee rs peon ,race a wnde willin whe t mi noonnati. t >>hat race isnt ifyensiing and rubeio ihinc ong tut cedzru ttha ug foarht hdn i their fstri pmary t ofheth souha tt dwre aor recd
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tnowhetl bate of whoan c stop . it e'>> where t onlypa camign that ha ste bean and can beatal dond um trp. nd>> a sblcramesn oor f nodors. >> ig ton iht am snduspe mingy aicampgn. >> ye .ah yeah. >>n ati emoonal juseb bh nifiinshgou fhrt deespit his otbrrhend a mheotr cigampaning fo r m.hi o tw floridian's wentnt io li caiaforn andy onl two eremged. >> pl peoere we'ng goi toel wcome t ono our . team >> noe w, wreare blpuanicwis ll uccausn o tsdue aaynd tmpru to ngwerir oveie vas g and then partf o thehi codldho there and ro gllin d the aicendry tinghe t re .gain et>> l's p tuthishi tng way. t' leaks meri amereca gat ayaw.
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kthan you very chmu. >> johnic kashas w notve en in ut soroh ca llinaastig nutht b cu fo osesntl batnes i theas et an d esmidwt. ni figshin b sixutyi stang inhe t ra ce. >> c>huckd tods ier modatorf o ee "me t ths.pres" od goni morong tu. yo g >>ood inmorng. >> wa it s aug heht nig for do naldmp trund aor recdn tur out inth sou canaroli. er thee ar 46ou csntiend a ddonal um trp won all byth ree. is the natominion aon cioclusn at hi ts ntsnoi. >> ifhi t wsere any r,othe 'sthatt whae' wreki talbong aut th is rnmoing. ononeas h wonm theac bko tback si nce98 1 a0ndot nam bece t he blrepuican noe.mine cr auznd roubeie havrc souesnd a
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na doruld tmp has the estasie th pad. es do ity sta a threeay w oret g do own t .go th nle oy thing thathe tvey ha w no ishe w htherne ca winon it o ane on one. isen it oughs win tyo say b the d en of march that it won't ermattan e.ymor t ihinkt' thas w ihatsng goi to t beheex nnt te d aaysnds thi osort ffighto t be the trump al atterniveoe ds notor stts ielf out toua actllyre cate ato sp ptrumem moventt tha c youan see. e >> whaven bee goingou thrgh isthor mngnind a t'shere one etnuggt tha ctaugh the te atn.ntio ithis asst queion twahat s as okedf rsvote,o d youpo suprt immuslros fm einnterg thehe t edunit esstat? p 74nterced sait tha dtheyid.
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th anon anye else. t nok marorubi or b jeb aushnd at thhy's w i hes outf ohe t ra ce. t no even c ted aruzndha tt's iwhats theba pro tblyhe best anexplnatio whyer othavs he il faed whereon daldmp tru has su decceed. i hects di tatedhehe tms ter of e the racnd an beehe t guybe to e tht mosec dtilarave and ug to thestalks werhetht' issi is or mmsusli andt tha htalkas wh s at iatanim te inhe re icpublasan be. s it yhowshaou tont d tald rump oris mne ie tunit wh the re icpublaran phaty tnon anye se el ruinnn g. >> by the wayck chuo d noto g ay aw we wtoant e com wbackith yo au in mo. ment e>> wo gla hilryhe w sreheam ce up n op todant' isiv gginer h a
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th ate h hasnl oy nbeguo t fight. goodor mningo t you. r >>teeporoor: g mdngorni to u. yo 'rtheyere bngathi a sofigh li reef. th e pollse werdl deaock andn i th eend iat's diveciseic v tory raftein losheg tef dineat ew n hampshire ha irmpshe. >>o.hell >>in takgt io the t e.stat w >> jeust won vaneda. >> wa it s a whoin wnc clihed rl ea iiern theay d. >>ou i yt wanonto culgratate sa sndern o ad har ftough race. >> y ver agesgrvesi,ff aveecti aicampgn and i audppla t fhemor r theirteffos.
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st ates andic afranme ansrica pi cked them andan sders urged th eup serport ns totoe giv . up >> i bveelie whenem dtsocra mbassenle iul jyt athe enconv,tionre we'oi gng see the re ssult o ofnef o there gat li polticaps uets in the hryisto of the ud niteesstat. nd>> are the aree som urencogaginns sig andde sanrs mwonore votese herand tedrump toclinn among youngot vers and in clraton g mpinheup t eaoutrch. >> s it' not just enough to meak llcoeegor me afrdfoleab. u yod neeel hpit whhe tt debt tha u yoea alrdye. hav t>> ies giv conlint aum bp as eshoe gs intoou sarth caolinnd a su tperayuesdhe wre theyak me up age lar part. ractoor mganre feman doingn a ad an din saygt thaarhilllwy aays
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>> or f theup serport isnev n ada ait'sboutay svorsangvori. r >>teeporher: sl wilpe snd a iomillnin tryg to reachhe t iomillhan ttan s mdersade li onne. sh e has nyearl twice the atmoun c of tashhanhi m. >>nk tha u.yo le bt'sringn ihu cckod tde onc hbagacoult y can see itn i her fa ndce a sheke loodel rdieve n. wi howti cri wcalas this win and ho wag daming wtas in ier tms of th e memo?ntum >> ,well a loss herld woue hav be haen tthe s lost two outf o re thnde aar bely thene o that sh e wonas won wy bn a eyh.elas w nore thewo's ter und the belt.
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e thho mytlogyhe wn trehey'or me di e.vers 's it every otiperandon a yanou c in brgn i the same day. 's ite morha tn conlint and ytever whingnas i placeor f him. he outpe snt hernd a she n.wo no wor f ndsaers wheres doee h n? wi eit'stoasy see ands it' not mo re. os the e arfothe igur bgest at stest tha woner sup tuy.esda ouif y cannot win any four,he s is theom ninee on march 23nd. th sere' aot l ofel dinegat agnd sh e will go toe jun andav he a tleadshat' not suserpasd, and th wat'shate mad naevad gn sianifict. l >> let's aooket th nus,mber d an i thought that ist wa
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wo fn ola bck vsoter and heoo tk th oue yngerer vots and p 72ntercee werer und the age of 5.34 tdidhahey ove t worrybo aut th rat ot wha didhe s do to ettarg the yeroung rsvote? >> ahyein, clon dnto i isn an te ininrestg spot. e sh is going feigur outow ho t pe ap taloou yerng tevors. if y' there not there, c shean t nothwin nee geelral onecti. sh ne ca not- -'s she not going to winm the over bowut hs doe beshe tcomeeche sondic chonde a t geal rlied ndarou. t ihink ts hat'all cha fengeor he ecr bauseo sar f h sheetas y a tolppea to .them n >>ext timeyo if u h maveore htimeouow y meanag toet g sl eep. i wasch wating yasou lt night
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>> well, sleep w islill eep 17 20. >>,yeah whoee nds .it >> llwe t,hedi cansdate arek bac onhe tmp stu today and b jeb ush omis hen ilo fridaou hrs after su dispen tngheam cnpaigin durg an eonmotialt posct eleion chspee. t is thishend ef ohe th bus stdynay? >>,well heeg bans a ant fro nn runder a had the mena, lyegac d an the money. pe srhapt tha twashe pemrobl. t >>edhe mofium a, iow new shhamp hireave enspok, and i re tspec the deoncisi. ca gnmpai. gh nit. t >>hankou yer vy .much >> eonmotialen momort fh bus af tterhe f portylacein fish in
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>>ar elierhi t wseekth sou ro ca glinanooverrik nki y'hales en emdorsentna sigouls y how it ll wiy pla t.ou >> i am ppdisaedointt thashe di t d norsendoe me. >> m hisrothe tngellit mat la uer. >>he trere a oerth ppleoe tt ha ear qliuafied ande whave had ghenou bu. shes a>> im a cdian fdateor pr idesentn ihe t ud niteesstat of america. u >> hntilse wap uge stad by lddonamp tru and b dushid not co ernsid it a big tr eat. he>> trey weff oereden momts on e th trail. et>> g back inhe tin busessf o cr teea eacrngti p afueacerll wod. >> at firsthe t bushe nam did
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i >>t's a suserio job and irreques -- >> spdeite $ ami100 nllioup ser pa ck,on mey could not h buyim te vos. >> d weoto n have to go vote. 's it all nifi.shed >> the one ththougo tbe the be stua qedlifi to runor f idpres centould noter pesuad te voorrs fno a thershbu. t >> yhankorou f thepp oniortuty toun r for the gesreattff oice heon te facof the theerp.arth vei lo you allnd a b god. less eb>> jh bus jwas oustfut o tune twithhe vo.ters now f they amilcylegago is ing onto cetinu i andt's up to the ne xt ragene.tion pe srhap b'je sson thatds hol fi ofnce iex tas realady. >> the you srtuppot thaeb jh bus d die hav andhe tai mntr seam rsvote w,hereo dy the go now. nd>> a the nemoy.
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ha de hwasle pg ddinwithgadinh witer vots an had tont mndey a the rsendotemen i andnk thit tha htheyado t go to mark o.rubi ev hoen t tugh hhate feelst tha rk maio rub rk maio rubum jpedis hla pce and ldshou notav he been rug,nnin i th inkt thahe ty'reoi go ng thave ndto ep u there. on ef o theop th busil famy me smber andei rubo isng goio t thaveeto g a lotf oer expeienc ca be husease ho t provet tha he is t upohe t .task >> et> l t'salk about the re fo la dysn i here for a c oheckf the heweatndr awa it s panleaste her inhe tt. eas ta kinghe tts coaf. of y.toda >> 61re deges inen c ptral ark wande'reng goi toee s ertempesaturve abo eravage. avwe hvee ha r theinain west
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av heiern rai and thisld cou od pr tucehe finloodg j ust usbecahee tac ftha t wte seen a in ndch a annc ih and a lfha. avwe heig scanifintn raiai fl d an in thet las 44 daysnl oyas h ie bt you ththoug it dncoulet't ger nican th ye dsternay iru feb haryere in the vaeyll. it il wle bce ni rtoday. 76 grdeees. luabsotelyea bulutifda y. ll fu moonon ttigh 47. lymain clear. ertempesaturdo go wn a itb. ce nih wit aor n bthereez in the a tndshat'r youat lest >> and tshat' the latest fo streca.
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ug drt tha has off olsicia un so tdinghe alarm. ar eou y ar kidst skri? ilwe wall tkbo a it.ut fi esrst thssage mees.k ulwe sho takd've en a aleftrit the ver.rztaw an knotawhere go!rzan ta oerzan dt kns noheow wtare o.rzan g y, hee excusme, kdo youwhernow ee thte waisrfall ? terfwaall? tno, mearzan,ki jung of .ngle y whyodon't nt tu wasto juk asdysomebo ? ou if yco're a ,uple fighyou ert ovti direcons. it t 's wif you sant toave fi n pefteet rceneor mor on i carcensuran, yo chu switgeic to o. hhoh ohhh 's w ityohat .u do ohhhhhh! do you have to do that right in my ear? e th dcitie oubl cashd carscome v inhaery thndy wih ba castwck pice onesurchas.
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u tamifl ais fdavedpproto t treathe flu in ple peowetwo eks aof ageldernd o os whu e flmssympto st d artewithin th st te laaywo ds. re tbefogakinfl tamiu, y tellctour doif yor eou'r eg pr, nunantg,rsin haveri sehealous onth cs,dition or t otake diher mecines. ouif yop devel an lerg aleaic rction, a severeas rh, s orf igns ol unusuaviorbeha, stop taking taflmiandu oucall yctorr doed imm.iately ch enildrdo and atslescen in ti parcular y ma at be an ineacrsksed ri sofzureei cs,fusion, on orab rmalnoeh bioavr. th moe cstmoom nsi edeecffrets a mi o ld tdemo nrateseauda anvo ngmiti. -fanti? luntgo airival wi
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the the castf oen frids here ghtonit. > >> the uompcginas fonhi de ersigner aftse thesa mesges. uhuh h. ah yeor...s aryutboha t t. t nkhibo a iut t re thet musigbe hloher ve ow d tn ineahe h rt wh datu o yok?thin a n nd istthe abars ove hi ed tgl, yad couldouoi jusn , hiwe tounk yre'ng goito e like thesernumbs. b mringhie a lgher ove ou i cisld rove ab e iwhen i lay n mympteedur-ponic c-tour nethe hixt t kng iitnow mo's g.rnin th wipu temexr-fl'v youe thgot rie spndng anc boue tof atiradi monalesattrs. cmy floud leels ikebosome hdy'snguggi. you o) (vre the t's ar-empuc pedi forerev.yone and now rothh uguafebr8try 2sah, p ve u30to $0
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k >>inrist ga: moood g.rnin dnevaaoc demrats give h lary toclinryicto a: b st we sh ic pked up9 1 gadele.tes w norewe aki loongad ahe to tu yesdaep's rcubli anucaucs. te ud crilz wl beahlve sil at stt.nigh do tnaldl wild hol a ca gnmpaial rlyom tworrogh nitt a th e naare.
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he ehe t la > >>e nicda sunyet sting .up w feth nor besreez by ootern zybreedauesndy a]tabe wendow d tintote aid m. 60snt >> > okay, odeverybsy, thi is elrach.
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th is is erevodyby. ch dlannder a phoebe and joey and yo uem rbeemr myer broth ssro. >>sure. y.>> he >>.hi >> e w are b oackns thiday sun g,morninar febru21y st, 1620. 'sthat v theery first edepiso of "fri ,"endsho the stw wen off the ai r in2004, butonig thte fivf o stheixas ctem mbers wlil be thtoge eraiagn. mu mcheor onha tt cinomg .up meanwhile, outside here on rockefeller plaza, this is a greatel livy owcrd. d an on aea rllyle ptasanke weend rn moing. >> a not d badayo tbeou etsid da toy. t' leoos lt k aatwh'sin mak g lihead tneshis rnmoing. lddonamp tru andla hilrynt clion wi ryll t toee kp the mtuomenm ggoinay toder aftir thes win in th epe rcaublin pryrima in s outh licarona and draemoc cticsaucu in ne.vada omarc r cubioame in ndseco. tedz cru inlo csehi trd a jndeb sh bupp drouted of othe .race an me,timeni berean sders is
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>> ec> sryreta s of jtateohn ke srryays avi proalsion re agtemen innc priiple b haseen re dachea on e-ceas ifirerin sya a at newson cncferehie ts rn mo iingn jo.rdan s heaidai detrels all sting bei rk wooued t but heop hes pr enesidtba oma andsi rusan idpres ventmiladir putinou wld ta bolk autt tha asn soo as po lessib andce proedit wh im enplemontati. > >>l bilsb co wy'sifexp ed ecte acto foue tuegh qnsstion whe sshe' ded posein aiv c cil ase nsagaiimt h rrtomoow. mi ca clle wosbyill beiv ginger h sidepo itionn a datefam sion uit ghbrouyt ben wom who sayhe t y wereic v otimsfil bl coy'sbs gealleexd s ualonmisc.duct rtheiye lawran wo ts t fhearrom th e rintertenter'aineifs wfe o 52 ye warsho wdorke as hisin busess na ma ger. w ereath wassaplea rnt,yeall ea pl. sant ea>> r nllyice. >> ll reacey ni. >> ha wtre a theyoi gong t say, no. i60sn brfe.uary hii tvenk edyrybo o isn thee sam hpage ieretng goibe to a lelittle coor y,toda but still a be fuautidal y. mo f st othent coutiry sll jo enyingem ttupera wresellbo ave er avage.
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wi ipll do ttheou sth andng bri moreea sblsonae ertempesatur. pe eslycialou thrhegh tas et co ast. bu act bhrk t doughsalla datoy, lo orok f highsn i the lower 70s. 60 moto.rrow an d 58 desegre as weo go int datuesy. is thnt froysal s items goingo t pr eoduc aou c oplefas are of low pr reessut thal wile ridng alo . it lwe'l s seeome inra,uc mhde need ra hrin tough xates datoy. wthat sillchtretth to eul gf co ast. al eeso se som hereavi ptsockef o ra hrin toughes wrgt vi ainiand to owmorrre we'ng goi toee se mor in rael likowy dnos acrs theul gf as cot. me sola isotednd thuorerstms too. an omd seht ligw snoin begos t ve moo inthe toc reski and mpteateresurn i the nthorstea llwion cnuti teooo clac bkow dn to he t0 3s and0 4s. th i i ink d foun gsome wirlsho ma eybav heon geo tethri ame can sgirl wtore ihile nnew .york atwh did youhi tnk wnhe you lkwa ed?in whowa s it? >> aminaz g. i>> wtas amg.azin on >> > it beou yho t iughtt co 'tuldn get nicer than st yeayerd in farebruery hen i th e llva.ey
7:33 am
76 eedegrs. ab tesoluly bifeautul day. fu lln moo tghonit 47. in maly r.clea mp teurerato gdown a bit. ni itce wh a northez brene i the > >> t andshat'ou yres latt re fo.cast cr aig? >> an dylan, thu.k yo > >> a aninlarm sg ttoryhis inmornbog aowut h s onemallos de of aru d wgas dyeadlor f a nn miaesot tgeeenar. c' nbtes kaw snomohas re. >> or rep tter:ara tzfildgera's ndfrieays s sheas w an old ulso. v >>ery phopilosl.hica sheab wted to- - she wdanteo t hknowheow t world wdorke and ho hew tve unirse wdorke and how wogod .rked ep>> rr:orte t butheor hon roll ud st aentlsoed lovic mus and adventure. so herri fdeensas tyyhe wener't oc shwhked heen sd tolhe tem sh edwant to try dlsin durg a ee slrpoveh wit alf girdrien at r heus hoe. he>> s wasea rllyo inthe t at be aleshend tybv olyious talk
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ei thr >> or rep tter: ihiss a photo of ttara jakenusten momftts aer sh ooe thek t .drug t >>he rneasoy the hadec sel ted the n oightfhe t 10th was ca beuse tara'sen parerts we in goo g tonbe gne i the mngorni r fo a sinportg event for her st sier. >> or rep tter:ara and her fdrien planned it all out and as enteerag s,dohe t hyad tirhe friends out taking photos and videos. this is some of the video taken atth ghnit. th e video showed iesnvgatirsto w ho theht nig wentro fm a fun, gilyggig h -h - ow>> h do you elfe, ?tara >> i don't owkn. ep>> rr:orte --o t .this ta rayi lng unspresionven o the se ba mentfloor. sh ase w inio serus bltroue. t bu herri f nendevere wok rata's pa srent whoer w reight aiupstrs d an sheer nevle cald 911. ra tad diet jusou hrser latm fro on e small .dose ra ta'sam f wilyasrt hea bnroke
7:35 am
t itdurne outa tar hoad n idea sh ase w reallyin takg a hesyntticru dg cdalle 25i. he>> s had ah higel levf othis ugdr ,25 i. >> y hadour eveea hrd -- >> never heard ofan it m d i' tsurehaara edn'tr.ithe shi wi iou w hlde avnego do stwnrsai. i ro pybablld woue hav dteetecd so inmethg f.of i 'tdidnau bec dse it idn' want into infr ogenhe tir >> ep rteor cr:huck renosrgbe msaidostn thisinnntsychetigs drue com fr omhi cna. ho w says ieasy istor f seoomne in am aeric b toheuy tse icchemals? oo>> t ,easy emextrely easy. me so sbodyitsow dnt a tirhe ke oayb,rdrd os er oitrvehe t in rnte aet indtho swsp un i a pa e.ckag r >>teeporher: t ty're hen an trmesfortod iny man rmfos, pi s,llve en liidqus. an tdheru d agsre aot lor me erdang tous than hey.look in ,fact themi che acalsore s te po tnt,hahey ove t heandlm the th wi ovgles.
7:36 am
i are wngearilo gves isf iuyo to hucit ,ou yan c abbsort tha bandeecom t -- dherug can af yfectusou jyt b rpabso. tion ep>> rr:orte i ifk pic t uphat pi oecef pepa ir, couldet g it th hroug myskin. >> or f .sure ah ye. r >>teeporwor: w. t >>hat wase katw snoep rngorti th ere. yo anu cee s moref o herep r ort on at"de"elinig tonhtt a 7:00, 00 6:tr cenal here on nbc. > >> up ,next ourun sdayry sto fr heom t fhiason digesrneho w dr seess cebelsik leey bceon and harianno the t ctas of iefr nds, thtogencer oe aiagn. en th,ar hryth smiin tak ugs ndbehi thece sinnes onef o
7:37 am
i itl s alr aftee thesagmesses. does s thef mell ohla fres y d bountapresen tionll y fiitou wmih optism? do ov you lur we yoesirelkes yboard thamorertn cemiain famely s?mber r is youess succtodue in a fil g em osystyonly rsu undetand? es doin print yg fromtablour et r to yousswirelenter pri gi yve a jout ol conofdefie?nc if s ouo, ye may bntgearceric. so whmeone s o know thethatht rigof eafice gr s yohelp gu dohireat tngs. d ane's therplone atace th has a of epfice dicot off. emaxge foar up t.r grea s i wat noe awarow mof huchit acidiny was diet my . i wa fs so oocusedngn maki odgod foocechois, i nohad a ide ithatst wa gidamaheng tme ena ml ofety teh. i edwantfi to ,x it i edwantfi to rx it aightway. d mystentiom recedmendna promel. he d sai pthatmeronal ca ken mate my steth errong, th t at iimwas anporthat, tt ithatmes sog thinuli cod do deacho ay t phelpctrote
7:38 am
amprons el inidefi htelyngelpi o me t tleadifhe late th nti wali to ve. ke tae in th,soundsfrom s allides, n orof atrchesora perfenming ly ftireouor y. thepe je c grande,heroke thwiiv actnoe caise elnconlati urn to tstany ntreet isyo a ny.mpho t ge f0% aprnginancior fl welqu iealifbud yers $50plusnu0 bo os cash n 2015 grajeephend cmorokee dels. mostthe rd awareed, g wardineversuv . isthno is jot a r b fo me,isth t is,ishis li my iismys am g beinrta pahe of glpinpe iopleedn newh is amo i . inwork bg atdarook mle for e isjunot jst aitob, l's afoife mer lo. i i foi mrmedcoany tinnecwions th rethe ntsides. eli fee lik pi amofart th faeir amilyhend t py're art mofine.
7:39 am
e shakduthe ndst aup go re thed an smakeodomebppy hahey, w n io go tp,sleeid i djo my b. >> e'> wacre bkn o ada suny mo grninh wit a esqu.tion at wh k doim askard,hianey b,once gladyanaga ld j.llo ae havn i mm coon? theyll a haveor wotn cl mhingade by aig desner from qs.ueen is>> ham ne isaq ln uaitsmbuh t he m'sinakag ar m ok tnhe shfaion world and doing it his wa wiy hth sisnaigretuty s.le if people in ethhi fason in rydust arerc seahingor f mesointh ng aew fndresh, they found it here. hi ams ne is laquan smith. an d crielebtiesik le ncbeyoe, harinna, kimar kiadash hn,er ersistnds, ani jenfer lopezov le what he tecreas. >>he taq luanth smiom wan is bold, she's xyse,he s's
7:40 am
>> ep rteorr:aq luan just sh seowcaisd hes newt line to a pa edckro cwd atew nor ykas fonhi ekwe. he enve had ipadsir cticulang an isd hue gs stulco bduyie psce ri tghn o the otsp. >> that'sor majec b aause lotf o me tis whenou yre a viewing new collections and viewing the nwruay,ie pces atren' aabvaille ti unrel th se toonix m thslater. >> or repter:ut b allth of is essuccids dn'tom ce erovt.nigh s hind graermothav geim h his fi rstew singhi macnen whe hse wa 13. he wasna edmoreit whas f,hion en evin takgis h mom and dmgranr'othelds o cesloth and de reinsignthg em. >> ild wou teliy,rall keli, di tssec l itike dhetac it, take s aeam pprier, enop up thems sea to tryo t ustnder handow the sk tirr o how the bzela wras dema. at th was,my you know,ha tast w mech teaing semylf. >> or rep lter:naqua wasec rejted fr heom top tas fhion olschos. >> i was so vadeedstatut, b at th ame sime te iin kd of had to, like, wipe my trseaay aw and ju hist tfnk o a wayo td kin of ov meerco how i r>>orepr:tee hep kt chsketing,
7:41 am
gg le hingseat crended a pngassi em th t outomo wen on the ststree n oforew yk tyci. >>ex nt tnghi i ,knowll a this gi gftin that iid d i e undedp ngseei, kelidy, laa gag twithhe inlegg gs i,made it was sul.rrea ep>> rr:orte he cnuontioed t send out his clothesnd ahe tnt i ha edppene, h saw p aostn o in rastagfm o kim kshardainian e thtohampetns g tinga.pizz i >> s wasngitti on mych cou and i'm,like,rl swiingou thrgh aginstram. an hd iadad h had adylrea given mo anicand kim'sm teaun a b ochf ot cl ahingtnd i justpe popd up on igrnstaamnd a it was, like, ld#oveneweinrythg. m, i' like, this is my dress. this is my pitwo- ece. ep>> rr:ortele whiua laqn acknowledges that celsebel h p rageneocte sialed mia buzz,e h gndesisth cloes forry eveday wo mentoo. >> w.wo look at --k loo at you. a dorl twior f me.
7:42 am
ep>> rteor hr:aye shes tres i a yl steor fry eve mawon. cyouan dohi ts. p orpserhas. thi his stuignaolre gatd c . suit ou>> yk wal ien th room,ll a eseyre an o you. yo u are the bo.cmb,om no qu tiesson d.aske >> or rep ater:emnd rrembe the sc shool w heas recejdte fmro ba ck in ?date no how tsee samoo schskls aim h to c somehareis h y.stor i >>e lov i can irenspi sneomeo or pi inshere tm ,by you owkn, my orstry o byhe t tshing i tecrea. ethers im rooor f ghrowt and ether is roomor f yoeverne. 'v>> ie b teeno a l ootfas fhion sh fows,onashi esprtientaons. it as wy verr,cleat i was pdacke bu eot p wpleereoo r ftingor him. h >>ouow could y not? >> h andis mom and his gr otandmher. sh sae iid,e hav to say,ac bnk i th dae y, heai sd he wdante to do ,that i ghthout, does tpahat y ll bis? es dot thae havpe a n?nsio adi h teto l him fly and rlclea-y - d >>ouid yp keeny a ofhe t --
7:43 am
so me ofm the i cn'ouldt p.zi i wasng goi to show a youch bun an d ied triew som ihere just wa lkedor fwardau becse it dtidn' bziput i love them. aren't they fun? >> you look good in them. >> cs.heer > >>to dn ialehein tylnan i o theerang ,room twithlahe pzaan ffs o the y.da >> i heard youwo t areot b ihn e thio lnin kg inr you hosc ols. >> yes. ou>> y b'reothla pying zuza. >> yes. ou>> y i'reewn nk yor and what e ar youoi gong t see y?toda e'>> wreng goi s toeen liog kin oa br adwaynd e,we'r keli, so ci ex lted, -ike- y >>eou'r atl liteit bit exced to h be eretoo, ghrit? l >>ikewn blowa ay ttha'm i .here li'm sikeo ciex ted. ve>> enre dssed the pa. rt >>nk tha you. >> e lovs thi ciexntteme. il stol te com onda "toy," our rifavorote gupf o friends back together once again. b>>ut fit,rs tsehe meagsses! >> i like the little ea g rninmiunlicated acsh b k onrc pus.hase 'sthatin a w. but inimagine earnwig it tce.
7:44 am
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7:46 am
b ack nown o aun sydaor mning wi th a renuniot tha hasry eveone ta inlkg. wh watlilap hnpehe when t ctas of "fenri"dss sitow dnet tog her tforirhe f tst iimen aea r lly lo ngti. me >> theup gro isar ptf oa th gagerint tha a isllctuaary pt a ofbu triteo t the 'sshow
7:47 am
wh o pblrobaney kefw bore aenyon el se this show wouldng chae vitele.sion c' nbels jo rjga hulioas more. >> reporter: the year was 1994 whenen"fri bds"urst its way into our homes and our hearts. >> chrael? >> oh, god, monica, hi. ep>> rr:ortein maknng je ifer isann,toou cenrt eycox,th matew pe y,rrav did imschw mmer,att le anbl acnd lisa kwudro ehhous oldnames. wi heth tffir ohe t cshart ischem try,ra,chel ross, mo,nica an ch,dlerho pebe and joey dominated the airwesav, fidening the0'9 asnd coining some classic sayings. >> how you doing? >> we we n re oa k!brea ep>> rr:orte --nd a songs. symellat c >> , ohmy d.go >> i know. >> i sound amg.azin >> reporter: andle whiy the st d arreroin ffnt o the cas,mera w itas thean meh bindm theho w edhelpe mak the show a ougrbrndkiea ngt.hi gelearnd tyvir drectoes jam rr buows.
7:48 am
un re fionoor sg lonnd a itoo tk one man to getou yll a toergeth. u yo must -- n>>ot all thtogeer. >> or rep ter:ghtonihet, tt cas sminuth matew rrpey,il w ble ba ogck trethen ohe tma sll re scen,in payg tteribu to owburrs. >> w we douldnyo agthin forim j rr bu bowsseecaue hea rllye gav us theor opptytuni of a felimeti. >> ep rteor r:ri"fdsen "an fs ev heerywhrre tdille thelo csest gthin a to unreionce sin show th ene wfft ohe tir a in .2004 m>> iyoiss mu souch. >> is i mu.s yo >> how y dooula expinhe t ri "fend "f enrids" phenomenon still going ro stng. >> s thetoryin les i so st.rong llwe at wan toiv leth in e pu arplemepartitnt wheh tra fme ov heer tr doo andou yan c see seyournlf ih eac t ofhe iefrs.nd ep>> rr:orte s the showoul popar heby tal fin ses,asonhe t cast mb me wers eereachin makg1 $ mi nllio an epodise. >> oo gd for u.yo >> ep rteor br:ut whoan c put a
7:49 am
>> therewegsddin? y >>ou takeac eh heotr. >> ah ye. >>,yeahou y do. >> or rep tter:he brpseaku. >> i ssro, take thee ilem y. t >> takehee ra.chel >> reporter: the kemaups. >> i gotff o the anple. >> or rep tter:he parade ofta sr destuddca . meos s>> i rlache here? mi'er hsi erst. >> reporter: and theve ethnts at il st mlake usle smihr tough ca dedes r.late ibutf wern leaed ainnythg from th soseix0 2om sngethis lg ivin main tanhatt n, ihais tt our ndfrieils wlev forer be erthe. >> ,okayul shoed w gete som eecoff? ur>> se. o >>kay. >> where? ep>> rr:orte for od"tay," lejoel rjga. ulio at>> mthew perryou ctldn' be th bereseecaus he'ng doi ay pla in onlond. tc caorh me of the unre aions oparthef tri tbuteja to s me bu
7:50 am
>> ar> hrymi sth takes useh bind e th ss ceneidof f odlere n th rroof aight tfterhis fl the rus.u viit rea's abilly .g deal d wi anevth fer, s, ache chi andlls, owmom kn nees it ds g a bitionsolu: ntan aalivir. t kidon'oud arhnd witth u, ce flyoall tour docr twithinirsthe f 48ur hoyms of ssptom as and outk ab ipprescramtion t.iflu at hetack tir flu vt us as it wsourcemiith taflu, a analntivirat thps s heltop it m sp froinread g bin theody. u tamifliquiin ld i formaps fda edprov to t treat ihe flulen peop twoek weges of ald and oer whos u e flmssymptoed start wi tthint he lasystwo da. fo beinre takmiflg ta u outell yorr doct you ifpr're ,egnantrs nuing, erhave s iousal hedith contions, or e takheotr me s.dicine dif youop aeveln rg allectic rean,io a veseasre rh, igor sfns oun l beusuaorhavi, st akop tmiing taflu d anoucall ydor immctorteedialy. ch aildren nd esceadolsnt parinticular mabey aatincrn seeariskd zuof sei res,nf cousion, or ma abnor l viorbeha. e moth cstmon om sidefe efe cts armild
7:51 am
ti-fan?lu a goalntivir
7:52 am
7:53 am
. t his mngorni on sysundah wit ha arry,s we all ,known i any su sfccesulnd ereavore the are ysalwa seunen andet somimes un dhear of eshero. ha srrymith is here tol tels u tabou one herd hean o dwbroaay. >> d goo mog,rnin ybeverody. on ny a given nightn o any br ayoadww sho'r youfte onen i aw fe o the ttalen onta sge. to wday,oue wld like to tr ineoduc t youo a starh wit a ma rjo role, ata sr you wlil vener enve cchat g amplise of.
7:54 am
re lviva ofid"f odler tnhe ofro" ha ons we rav vireews. pl inay tgoac pkedse housht nig af ter t,nigh a andbout this bl fashed ow, we w louldike t o eshare somns iide rminfon.atio yo tu'rehe lefiddr. >> ah ye. i >>idn f odlernhe t . roof >> yes. >> d youon't play the fi. ddle d>> i pon'tlayhe t ddfile. at th's,e likur o leittl etsecr. doha we ove t tell yoeverne? >> or rep jter: esserskavaaski w httaug t how loooke lik heas w ay pling by the's pitd lea vi isolint inviol ist. t>> aiautorhal tt you't don nofte getro fms thi w corld lass inviol ittis ahend s gave mehe t rr co pectreostu and amelignnt d an howho to ld avi. olin s lweete ittl bird >> or rep ter:e'jesss totur,
7:55 am
gh eit pfoeranrmsce a we,ek iist llke tyhe aieudenc hrseala pngyi th eor gsgeouli vionos sol th edreadou thrgh lefiddr. i >>t is at dueha tt i get to pl yay,ou owknit, wh atevi speaking --in sging and i'm ay pling. so is it o onef myav feorit mo s menthein tle who show. ep>> rr:orteis it f herirst me ti in aro byadwa ortrchesa. he irr fovst l ce isiclassal mu sic. m >>yle earmentchy s iooln nvgree,illeou sth licarona,oo tk us tor hea the gvireenlle sy nympho t athe local esorchtra and iti sllem remberan h ogingn the balcony and watching. i was hdooke and iai sd that's what i wanto t . do >> reporter: and that she has. her busy career as a solstoi and se enmbleye plaasr h t hakener cfrom toasto coast,nd a now dwbroaay. an nd iho a swre whehe t ancudiee ow knves eryor wd ofve ery ngso , eandveryot n he ofoler sos. what ist ie likor f y touow kno
7:56 am
im anportt eonmotialec efft on the diau?ence >> ha tst'ea ryll theag micf o ethnt ee irpeexenri.ce he>> t asctoron cnutilyalel tl heme tyee fl my role as the vi olinol soists i aernoth acchar ater indt feels wrfondeul b tooe s vdaluen i t hat roenvitnmen w forhat'm i creating artistically. thatrt sta es myngveniht eig gh ni wts aeek. r >>teeport r: iis llthriing, ne ho,stlyo thabe ttlo cse and to r hea it pdlayeo s tibeauy.full h,>> onk tha. you ay mod gle bssou y ep>> rr:orte fory,kell the mu isicsay alwous abort mhae tn ju hest tot nes on the gepa. t in chease of dl"fider,"h muc .more eshel sfub pedlish the mremoi of r hee latei nrghbo and fr,iend al fred mu,rray aoc holaust ivsurvndor a inviolist, cdalle ltheast tequart. >> h myndusban eve ,said go ssodneou, y't canp helut b in thhek tsre i ait ltle bit of
7:57 am
so ihi tnk he wldouav h benee ri th alled tbout rhis iolenhe t sh .ow sit iut abong bei sptrand.orte 'sthatt wha aer panformceul shod do to you o afny ,kind of any ar ictist rfpencorma ie,t is ce nlrtaiy simuc,t iho s uld sptran yortndou aha tt'st whay m b jo is. >>it whout ourra tonditiurs, o sliveou weld b asha skys a- -as fi a r ddleheon tf! roo >> 's shett prey goodt aha tt an trtaspor tionf,stuf ghrit? lyreal good. haif tert we not ouengh, kelly, erin hre spa ,time erithe solos or pntresesce conrtsn i hesomels el sh. ters y>> m odgo. ness >> wow. >>o s tibeauful. iwasust jts a purend a
7:58 am
onpersus, jigt rexht not t r.he i >> .know u yo can f teelhe atvibr,ions t?righ ajustut beaiful .tone i >> t iscrinleedib tori bng her e toonveryece b sauseoan my pe hopleaveee shen tw sho -- >>ki walng d townhe etstre, you wo nuld geveruessa in il mlion ye ars, ghrit? t >> yhankorou f . that >> ha t nku.yo >> nk tha f youorpe sgndine tim th wi t ushis mngornin o this nd suay. re ermind toe tun into " tmeethe pr "ess. kchucl wil t bengalkih witar mco bi ruo,al dond umtrp, tedz cru an dni bere srsande. t >>shat'ng goi to i do ftor us on ada suny mngornier he at od "tay."
7:59 am
ha fve astanta sicdauny.
8:00 am
bign wior f dalond utr,mpno w th e dunteispuepd rcubli an rof-ntnrugl sret i 'sghtou. it's na.sty it 's anme. it 's icv.ious i t'sutbea. iful ut>> bpu reablicelns b iievet's a th-reemanac rse aco maru rbio nd a c tedruze vi toe bcome the ch trief ump cenhall ger. an>> d t he21st tucenry n coatservmoive ntveme t isonhe s of aar b tr endeand ad maifr om ub ca. >> >amehinw,lehe t bh usnadyy st co s me to oaniafficl end. >> tonight, i am speusinndmyg aicampgn. >> um trup, rbiond az cruall mjoineth oris m.ning pl us, hryillali cntons get t wihe snhe so desperately needed in neadv. a s>>meoma hay ouve dbted us,bu t weernevdo teubd echa ot her. >>h wile beernide sanrs eslos in fithe srsttateth wi ave dirse toelec. rate ou>> y 'renggoi to tseehe su re oltsfne oth of eatgre thof ite unsed s.tate b >>ieernde sanrsk maises h case this morning. jo niieng m forsiinght and analysis are, radiok talw sho


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